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Lubricants & Greases
Organoclay Gellants
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Lubricants and Greases

Divnova offers a range of additives for the Lubricants and Greases, particularly a vast range of Organoclay Gellants that are currently used in the following application areas:

  • Industrial Greases and Lubricants
  • Automotive Greases and Lubricants
  • Specialty Greases

All Divnova products and brands are manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 certified international manufacturing facilities, with the aim of providing our customers with the highest quality products.

Organoclay Gellants

The OrgogellTM MB Series rheological additives are produced from carefully selected, purified and modified sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite. A patented technology is used to design organoclays for solvent-based systems and inorganoclay for water-borne applications. Choice of clay-type, quaternary chemistry and manufacturing conditions are used to create grades in the MB series for different applications.

OrgogellTM is used in the lubricating grease, white oil, mineral butter amongst other products used in slop treatment. The high thickening ability of OrgogellTM and easy dispersing in addition to a polar activator allows for our product to be used in low to middle polarity range.

Apart from having high gel-efficiency, good viscosity repeatability, perfect anti-sediment, and thickening ability, OrgogellTM has some distinct advantages:



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