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Divnova, in partnership with Rohm & Haas, offers a wide range of pressure sensitive adhesives for application in Packaging industry.

Our products cater to a wide range of applications such as:

  • Tapes
  • Label Stock
  • Vinyl Films

We have worked along with our partners to create customized solutions for several applications such as food & beverage packaging, electronic goods surface protection and industrial packing solutions.


RobondTM PS-90

Rohm and Haas RobondTM PS-90 permanent, coater-ready, water-based acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive which is characterized by a balance of moderate shear strength and tack. The adhesive has demonstrated excellent performance in both carton sealing BOPP film tape and overlaminate applications


  • Rapid drying and coater-ready
  • Excellent flow and leveling
  • Exceptional adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including polyolefins, PET, corrugated board, and glass


Surface Protection Tape

RobondTM PS-9340

RobondTM PS-9340 adhesive is an adhesive formulating base characterized by its clean removability and low peel built (after cross-linked) on variety of surface types, such as stainless steel, glass, plastics including pMMA and polystyrene.


  • Low peel built for variety of substrates
  • Clean removability
  • Easy to be cross-linked for property modifications
  • Good stability after cross-linking
  • Excellent coatability


RobondTM JC-2

RobondTM JC-2 is a water-borne, removable pressure sensitive adhesive having relatively low peel adhesion and tack. As a removable product, RobondTM JC-2 demonstrates low peel build on a variety of substrates. It is recommended for protective PolyEthylene (PE) film. Coat weight may be adjusted for adhesive performance.


Holding Tape

RobondTM PS-9005

Rohm and Haas RobondTM PS-9005 is a ready-to-use, aqueous acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive designed for painter’s grade paper masking tape applications, providing 14-day removability and excellent UV resistance.


  • 14-day removability from painted drywall
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Good qualitative tack
  • Limited peel build


Flex/Vinyl Outdoor Tape

RobondTM PS-8061

Rohm and Haas RobondTM PS-8061 water-based, removable type pressure sensitive adhesive with excellent shear resistance and moderate peel adhesion and tack for PVC and paper label applications.


  • Excellent shear resistance
  • Moderate peel adhesion and tack
  • Employs coater-ready technology - provides excellent balance of pressure-sensitive adhesive performance


RobondTM PS-8913

Rohm and Haas RobondTM PS-8913 is a pressure sensitive aqueous dispersion polymer for film label applications, providing a unique balance of shear resistance, tack, and peel adhesion properties


  • Supplied with 'ready-to-coat' viscosity and rheology characteristics
  • Excellent water whitening resistance
  • Unique balance of shear resistance, tack, and peel adhesion properties
  • Excellent performance in the following conditions: water soak; shower-water spray; and high humidity

RobondTM PS-8913 is primarily used in pressure sensitive adhesive supplied with 'ready-to-coat' viscosity and rheology characteristics for film label applications


RobondTM PS-8507

Rohm and Haas RobondTM PS-8507 is a water-based, permanent pressure sensitive adhesive for film label applications, which provides excellent high peel adhesion and tack with good shear resistance.


  • Outstanding performance on a variety of clear and pigmented films
  • Excellent clarity
  • Good ultraviolet light resistance
  • High peel adhesion and tack
  • Good shear resistance
  • Complies with the following food contact regulations: 21CFR175.105 BgVV XIV


Glazing Tape

Morstik® 157

Morstik® 157 adhesives is a low-cost synthetic, rubber-based, pressure sensitive adhesive that is recommended for a broad range of applications. This adhesive offers both high peel adhesion and excellent shear resistance which is advantageous for most mounting applications. In addition, Morstik®157 maintains good elevated temperature performance.


  • Economical
  • High bond strength
  • Good elevated temperature performance

The primary use of Morstik® 157 adhesive is for double-faced tapes, which are utilized in foam gasketing applications. Tapes produced with Morstik® 157 have excellent adhesion to urethane foams, sponge rubber, metal, plastic and painted surfaces. The excellent cohesive strength also lends itself to high speed die cutting and resistance to edge bleed.


Morstik® 717

Morstik® 717 adhesive is a self cross-linking acrylic solution, pressure sensitive adhesive that is recommended for high temperature and shear resistant applications. In addition, Morstik® 717 adhesive exhibits excellent shrinkage resistance on plasticized PVP film and displays excellent clarity. The cure commences upon removal of the solvents.


  • High Shear
  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent tack

The primary use for Morstik® 717 adhesive is for high shear resistant tapes such as duct foil tape and meets UL 181A requirements. Other uses include a variety of mounting products and some transfer tapes. Morstik® 717 adhesive is additionally utilized for several PVC film applications where excellent shrinkage resistance and a degree of repositionability are required. The suggested coating method is via reverse role or knife over roll.


Foam Tape

RobondTM PS-9906Foam Tape

RobondTM PS-9906 is an unformulated Aqueous Acrylic PSA that exhibits very high aggressive adhesion, high tack and good resistance.

Tape constructions include double or single sided foam and film.

  • High adhesion to a variety of surfaces
  • Good adhesion to low surface energy materials
  • Moderate heat resistance
  • Excellent aging resistance


Paper Permanent Label

Paper LablesRobondTM PS-7500

RobondTM PS-7500 is a waterborne, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive designed for general purpose permanent paper label applications.

RobondTM PS-7500 employs coater-ready technology that provides an attractive balance of pressure-sensitive adhesive performance.




Clear-on-clear Film Label

RobondTM PS-8600Clear on CLear Film Tape

RobondTM PS-8600 is a waterborne permanent pressure sensitive adhesive which is characterized by high peel adhesion and tack with good shear resistance.


  • Excellent clarity
  • Good UV light resistance




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