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Paints Industry

Divnova Specialties Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide and comprehensive range of pigments and additives for several applications in the Paints Industry:

Iron Oxide Pigment

SunferroxTM inorganic iron oxide pigments are chemically inert and stable in all weather conditions. They are safe, non-toxic colours with excellent resistance to UV radiation, fading and leaching, and are virtually maintenance-free.

The flow properties and easy applicability of SunferroxTM gains higher importance given the availability of trade paints not only as solvent-based formulations but also as water-based paints of comparable quality. Established products such as SunferroxTM iron oxide and chrome oxide pigments have high colour strength and because of their excellent light-fastness, are both durable and reliable.

Use of SunferroxTM in industrial coatings, which are high-grade systems, is applicable to just about any kind of commodity article. SunferroxTM is compatible with a wide variety of materials available to produce commodity articles, which in most cases are finished with a surface coating to protect and preserve their value and/or to make them look more attractive. In addition, SunferroxTM is available in special grades that are used in applications such as coil coatings, marine paints, automotive paints and require high heat-stability.

SunferroxTM colour Range:



Technical specifications for SunferroxTM pigments

Our brand is well known in the industry for its:

  • Light and Chemical Stability
  • Hiding Power (Opacity)
  • UV Absorption
  • Consistent colour Tone

Divnova offers Chromium Oxide Green line under its SunferroxTM brand of products. It is an ideal pigment to use in paints for camouflage, as it is the basic pigment in the formulation of green in powder coatings, coil coatings and paints.

Additionally the product's inherent hardness, which is greater than titanium or iron, the product has greater application in several special applications in the paint industry.

Some of the most important properties of SunferroxTM chrome oxide green are:


Transparent Iron Oxide Pigments

NordoxTM transparent iron oxide pigments are prepared using a carefully controlled process that results in the formation of pigments with very small primary particle sizes. The particles are acicular with needle lengths of up to 43nm and needle widths up to 9nm, and have relatively high oil absorption.

In the wood coatings industry, transparent iron oxide pigments are fast becoming the de facto choice for use in high-quality wood finishing applications, offering protection from wood degradation caused by UV light or fungi. NordoxTM helps protect the wood, without which the ultraviolet radiation from sunlight at 280-400nm will lead to the decomposition of the lignin in wood and destroy the wood cell structure. The use of NordoxTM transparent iron oxides aslo acts as a UV absorber and enhances the appearance of natural wood grain and texture, leading to greater aesthetic values.

All NordoxTM range of colours exhibit unique

  • High levels of transparency and colour strength
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Acid and Alkaline-resistance
  • High UV absorption

As inorganic pigments, they are non-bleeding, non-migratory and are not soluble allowing good effects to be achieved in both water and oil based systems. NordoxTM transparent iron oxide pigments have good heat stability; the red can suffer up to 300 °C, and yellow, black, green, and brown up to be 160°C.

Our products are made to be of the highest quality and comply with EN71 (1994) Part 3 specifications making them environmentally friendly.


Pearlescent Pigments

Our Novearl SFXTM brand of pearlescent pigments are known for their bright pearlescent lustre, safety and non-toxicity, high temperature resistance, excellent chemical stability and light resistance.

Novearl SFXTM pearl pigments have excellent dispersion and stability qualities, ensuring that they can be readily incorporated in most coating solutions, including powder coating, water, and solvent based systems.

They are used widely in applications ranging from sports equipment coating, can coating, furniture coating, and bicycle coating to building paints.

The Novearl SFXTM product line offers a wide range of particulate sizes, 5 – 500 microns, producing a variety of appearances from smooth to glittery:

The Novearl SFXTM series of products are well known for their quality amongst other benefits:

  • Non toxic
  • Excellent thermal and light resistance
  • Acid and alkali resistant
  • Easy dispersion
  • Fine particle size facilitating ease of use
Sophisticated modern equipments provide guarantee for the improvement and stability of product quality, including mica grinding, optical colour analysis, and particle size analysis.


Hollow Pigments

Hollow PigmentsHollexTM opaque polymers are hollow-sphere particles specifically engineered to improve opacity and whiteness in paint. They consist of spherical styrene/acrylic beads supplied as emulsions. In wet paints the beads are filled with water; as the paints dry, water permanently diffuses from the center of the beads and is replaced by air, resulting in discrete encapsulated air voids uniformly dispersed throughout the dry paint film.

This technology allows paint manufacturers either to optimize the total formulation cost by reducing the amount of TiO2 needed, or alternatively to improve key attribute performance with no additional cost.


  • Significantly increased light scattering efficiency while maintaining paint performance
  • Greater cost savings while providing equal hiding
  • Wide formulation latitude, from low to high PVC paints
  • Excellent opacity contribution due to inherent light scattering
  • Increases TiO2 efficiency by spacing pigment
  • Very low binder demand due to spherical shape with low specific area
  • Richer, longer-lasting colours outdoors
  • Better wet-to-dry colour matching
  • Colour Consistency at every tinting
  • Excellent scrub resistance and improved washability
  • Improved dirt resistance and durability in exterior paint coatings
  • Improved block resistance for interior paint coatings
  • Excellent wet and dry adhesion to aged alkyd paints, masonry, wood, and metal substrates
  • Compatible with a wide variety of pigments and extenders
  • Excellent response to rheology modifiers
  • Excellent paint formulation cost/property balance


Organoclay Gellants

The OrgogellTM MB Series rheological additives are produced from carefully selected, purified and modified sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite. A patented technology is used to design organoclays for solvent-based systems and inorganoclay for water-borne applications. Choice of clay-type, quaternary chemistry and manufacturing conditions are used to create grades in the MB series for different applications.

OrgogellTM is used in a variety of applications, some of the primary application being:

  • Water-based paints
  • Hammer-tone paints
  • Textured paints

Apart from having high gel-efficiency, good viscosity repeatability, perfect anti-sediment, and thickening ability, OrgogellTM has some distinct advantages:

  • Excellent Thixotropicity
  • Fine Dispersion
  • Good Sag Resistance
  • Wide Solvent Polarity


Dispersing Agent

RylomerTM dispersing agents are organic dispersants specially developed as viscosity reducing stabilizer for water borne paint and various pigment slurries used in the preparation of aqueous dispersions.

The polyacrylate dispersing agents are specifically designed to comply with specificities of the pigments and fillers dedicated to water-based coatings. Their use is strongly recommended in medium to high PVC systems. The introduction of RylomerTM improves the elasticity and viscoelastic behavior of dispersions.

Our product shows an excellent performance compared with conventional dispersants, such as sodium hexametaphosphate.

Benefits of the pigment dispersing additive, RylomerTM, can be collectively summarized as:


Matting Agents

ClaromattTM matting agents are high performance silicas developed for a variety of applications in Paints & Coatings. ClaromattTM is an organically surface treated, easily dispersible matting agent for general applications.

Our matting agent allows exceptional surface characteristics with excellent slip effect, also in pigmented coatings. As a result of its outstanding suspension behaviour, it is especially suitable for use in clear coats.

ClaromattTM is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility and has the following benefits compared to its competitors:

  • High Transparency and Mattability
  • Excellent Anti-Yellowing
  • Excellent Anti-Settling
  • Good Film Appearance
  • High Matting Efficiency
  • Less Dusting
  • Fast Sink-in
  • Avoids agglomeration
  • Less foaming
  • Improved Mar/Burnishing




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