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Plastics Industry

Divnova offers various pigments and additives for application in the Plastics Industry, particularly a vast range of Pearlescent and Transparent Iron Oxide Pigments.

Our range of pigments are used in Plastic master batches for:

All Divnova products and brands are manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 certified international manufacturing facilities, with the aim of providing our customers with the highest quality products.

Iron Oxide Pigment

SunferroxTM inorganic iron oxide pigments are chemically inert and stable in all weather conditions. They are safe, non-toxic colours with excellent resistance to UV radiation, fading and leaching, and are virtually maintenance-free.

Plastics have become so widely used that they have become an important part of our daily lives. They are dent resistant, shatter resistant, and light weight. Plastics help make our lives easier, healthier and safer. SunferroxTM pigments bring colour to a variety of plastic and vinyl products, such as auto parts and fenders, food packaging, soda bottles, home computers, vinyl sidings, and toys.

The pigments used for colouring plastics must satisfy a number of exacting technical requirements. Given the usually short dwell times and relatively low shear forces in the processing equipment, the pigments must have good dispersibility. They must also have high thermal stability, and their lightfastness and weather stability must be adequate for the intended application. They should not migrate. Inorganic pigments in general and SunferroxTM range of inorganic colour pigments in particular satisfy these requirements. This is why these pigments play a significant role in the colouring of plastics.

Divnova offers a unique range of heat-stable iron oxide pigments - SunferroxTM HS series that have high colour strength and, because of their excellent light-fastness, are both durable and reliable. 

Our brand is well known in the industry for its:

  • Light and Chemical Stability
  • Hiding Power (Opacity)
  • UV Absorption
  • Consistent colour Tone


Pearlescent Pigments

The Novearl SFXTM brand of pearlescent pigments is known for their bright pearlescent lustre, safety and non-toxicity, high temperature resistance, excellent chemical stability and light resistance.

The Novearl SFXTM series creates colour effects based on interaction between transparency, refraction, coating and multiple reflection that are normally only found in nature. Our pearl pigments are suitable for both transparent and semi-transparent resins. They can be used for compounds or master batches. Ideal for various processing methods:

  • Injection molding
  • Extrusion blow molding
  • Rotational molding.

The end results are pearl luster coloured plastic products such as film, cosmetic packaging, buttons, food packaging, decorative articles, toys, and electrical appliances.

The Novearl SFXTM product line offers a wide range of particulate sizes, 5 – 500 microns, producing a variety of appearances from smooth to glittery:

  • 1000 Series (Silver-White)
  • 2000 Series (Interference Series)
  • 3000 Series (Golden Series)
  • 4000 Series (Metal Series)
  • 5000 Series (Dyeing Series)
  • 6000 Series (Weather-Resistance Series)
  • 7000 Series (Polychrome Series)
  • 8000 Series (High-Performance Multi-colour Series)
  • 9000 Series (High-Performance Black pearl Series)
  • Crystal Series
  • Intense sparkle series 

The Novearl SFXTM series of products are well known for their quality amongst other benefits:

  • Increased bulk density
  • Decreased machine downtime
  • Non toxic
  • Excellent properties in weather, thermal and light resistance
  • Acid and alkali resistant
  • Easy dispersion
  • Fine particle size facilitating ease of use
  • Improved colour distribution
  • Low dust formation

Sophisticated modern equipments provide guarantee for the improvement and stability of product quality, including mica grinding, optical colour analysis, and particle size analysis.


Transparent Iron Oxide Pigments

NordoxTM transparent iron oxide pigments are prepared using a carefully controlled process that results in the formation of pigments with very small primary particle sizes. The particles are acicular with needle lengths of up to 43nm and needle widths up to 9nm, and have relatively high oil absorption.

There is a growing requirement for the use of transparent iron oxides in plastic application. Owing to its properties of high transparency and colour strength and strong absorption of UV, for example:

  • Used as colouring matter of transparent plastic containers
  • Used as UV radiation absorber for product production in containers
  • Can be applied in PET or Polypropylene for drinking cans and medicine bottles.

NordoxTM range of colours exhibit unique

  • High levels of transparency and colour strength
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Acid and Alkaline-resistance
  • High UV absorption

As inorganic pigment, they are non-bleeding, non-migratory and are not soluble allowing good effects to be achieved in both water and oil based systems. NordoxTM transparent iron oxide pigment are highly heat stable; the red can suffer up to 300 °C, and yellow, black, green, and brown up to be 160°C.

Our products are made to be of the highest quality and comply with EN71 (1994) Part 3 specifications making them environmentally friendly.




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