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Printing Inks Industry

Divnova offers a wide range of colored pigments and additives for application in the Printing Inks industries, particularly a vast range of Pearlescent Pigments and Organoclay Gellants.

Our product is widely used in liquid, commerical and publication printing inks. Using a proprietary technology our products are carefully manufactured to suit high performance for our clients using the following:

  • Screen Printing Inks
  • Gravure Printing Inks
  • Offset Printing Inks
Pearlescent Pigments

The Novearl SFXTM brand of pearlescent pigments is known for their bright pearlescent lustre, safety and non-toxicity, high temperature resistance, excellent chemical stability and light resistance.

They are readily dispersible in ink systems suitable for gravure, flexographic, screen, and offset printing processes. Such versatility allows use of Novearl SFXTM in several applications:

  • Wallpapers
  • Carton boards
  • Textile fabric
  • Greeting cards
  • Packaging films
  • Furniture facings
  • Labels

Pearl luster inks can be easily prepared, by the incorporation of pearl luster pigments into the ink medium. There are various grades to choose from according to particle size range, and should be selected according to the individual printing process (ranging from 5 – 500 microns).

  • 1000 Series (Silver-White)
  • 2000 Series (Interference Series)
  • 3000 Series (Golden Series)
  • 4000 Series (Metal Series)
  • 5000 Series (Dyeing Series)
  • 6000 Series (Weather-Resistance Series)
  • 7000 Series (Polychrome Series)
  • 8000 Series (High-Performance Multi-colour Series)
  • 9000 Series (High-Performance Black pearl Series)
  • Crystal Series
  • Intense sparkle series

The Novearl SFXTM series of products are well known for their quality amongst other benefits:

  • Non toxic
  • Excellent properties in weather, thermal and light resistance
  • Acid and alkali resistant
  • Easy dispersion
  • Fine particle size facilitating ease of use

Sophisticated modern equipments provide guarantee for the improvement and stability of product quality, including mica grinding, optical colour analysis, and particle size analysis.


Organoclay Gellants

The OrgogellTM MB Series rheological additives are produced from carefully selected, purified and modified sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite. A patented technology is used to design organoclays for solvent-based systems and inorganoclay for water-borne applications. Choice of clay-type, quaternary chemistry and manufacturing conditions are used to create grades in the MB series for different applications.

OrgogellTM organoclays are crucial tools in the ink maker's formulations for today's modern presses. They are used to obtain the desired application properties that are critical to successful high-speed printing. The printing processes require the application of a scientifically determined and uniform film thickness of ink to substrate at ever increasing speeds.

Our products ensure the required body and tack to the ink as required by the process, while working in a complementary way with the other formulation ingredients that also influence the rheology of the finished ink. The organoclays provide the ink formulator increased latitude in selecting the level of other additives necessary for trouble free production runs.

OrgogellTM organoclays provide rheology control by the interaction of the individual clay platelets dispersed in the ink interacting with one another through a network organized in an edge-to-edge fashion. The thickening mechanism does not contribute to a high elastic component of viscosity.

Apart from having high gel-efficiency, good viscosity repeatability, perfect anti-sediment, and thickening ability, OrgogellTM has some distinct advantages:



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