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Iron Oxide Pigment
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Rubber Industry

Divnova offers a range of pigments and additives for application in Rubber industry, particularly Iron Oxide pigments.

"Speaking generally, colour pigments" used in the plastics industry must satisfy some exacting specifications for optimal performance, especially given the relatively low shear force in short dwell times in the processing equipment. Divnova's products surpass quality and performance measures across the board and are widely used in:

  • Industrial Products, Extruded and Molded
  • Automotive Components
  • Packaging Injection
  • Blow Moulded Products
Iron Oxide Pigment

SunferroxTM inorganic iron oxide pigments are chemically inert and stable in all weather conditions. They are safe, non-toxic colours with excellent resistance to UV radiation, fading and leaching, and are virtually maintenance-free.

Significant amounts of iron oxide pigments are used to colour rubber, especially in the case of natural rubber. The low impurity levels of manganese and copper present in SunferroxTM iron oxide pigments help in preventing accelerated ageing of the rubber. Additionally, the use of our specialized heat-stable iron oxide pigments – SunferroxTM HS series, reduces the impact of high resistance due to the unique treatment and processing. SunferroxTM Iron oxide pigments can also be used in colour silicone rubber caulking compounds.

Our brand is well known in the industry for it’s:

  • Light and Chemical Stability
  • Hiding Power (Opacity)
  • UV Absorption
  • Consistent colour Tone



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